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Air Plant Décor - Flower Agate Obelisk

Air Plant Décor - Flower Agate Obelisk

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Manifest your dreams with our Flower Agate Air Plant Décor.  The design balances the natural plant world, while the Flower Agate is great if you are undertaking a new endeavour. Let the gentle vibrations bring a calming aura to any space.  Place it in a natural light position to enjoy the full benefits.

Measurement: 1.5 x 1cmW x 10cmH
Chakra: Heart, Root
Zodiac: Virgo
Element: Venus, Earth
Flower Agate Properties: Self-Growth ~ Passion ~ Manifestation
Flower Agate Meaning: This Crystal has a gentle vibration and can serve as a powerful protector from one's own fears, doubts and anxieties. The best analogy to describe is the flow of energy from seed to blossom, it it enables one to grow and reach their full potential.
Form: Blooming out from the growth point - centre are stiff, sturdy leaves. They curve elegantly as they grow larger into a tall specimen and are very hardy and easy to care for. They are a quick grower that readily produces off-set of "pups" from the base. In other words it will form a nice clump.
Colour: Lime Green with lovely pink spike, when in bloom with blue flower.

Tillandsia Air Plant
Native Habitat: South Africa, China, Mexico, Magnolia, UK, USA, Canada, Argentina & more...


Our products come packaged in a box for safe transporting.

All decorations as they are more delicate in nature, are packaged individually and placed in a bag. All our rocks are placed in a zip lock bag.

We use environmentally friendly shipping materials, wherever we can.

When does it ship?

All Air Plant Decor is shipped the next business day, or at the very latest within 48 hours, unless it's a special order!

We use Sendle Couriers 3-10 working days.


Tillandsia Aeranthos is one of the Air Plants that does survive with light watering. I recommend that you water your plant 2-3 times every week using a mist with a water spray bottle, during summer.

If you Air Plant still looks wilted, you may soak it in water for 30 mins every week.

In winter water your Air Plant once every week or even every 10 days.


Fertilising once per month during spring and summer is recommended, mix a liquid fertilizer with ratio 1:4

Signs Your Air Plant (Tillandsia) Needs Fertilizing

Plants have a way of showing stress when we don’t provide them with enough fertilizers. You should look out for the signs and act accordingly.

  • The plant’s foliage looks pale and weak, which shows the lack of nitrogen.
  • Chlorosis (leaves appear yellow, and the veins look darker) indicates the need for potassium.
  • The plant’s growth is slowed or halted even during the growing seasons.
  • You’ll start to see small spots on leaves that grow with time, resulting in discoloration.
  • Mature leaves turn purple at the base, and other leaves exhibit dull, dark-green colours. This shows that the plant needs phosphorus.


If you are growing your Tillandsia Aeranthos as a house plant, you can place it in a spot where it can receive light from a south or north facing window with a light curtain.

Place your plant even closer to the window during winter to receive the maximum possible amount of light.

If you keep your Air Plant in complete shade, it will weaken and ultimately wither.


If you are not completely happy with the health and vitality of your air plant(s), we will replace them at no cost to you. Notify us via email within 30 days of receiving your order and we will ship our replacements. No return shipping charges. Please use your Order Referenece in your email.

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