Collection: Point/Generator/Obelisk

NrgLife Products has a beautiful selection of Natural Points, Generators and Obelisk.

The collection varies depending on availability.

The images shown in our collection is the actual Generator Point you will receive.

A Generator is a crystal with a six sided point, with all six faces meeting in the centre at a  point. Generators are usually flat on the bottom, and do occur naturally in some crystals, though it is somewhat rare, and most generators you will see will be carved that way. Some people believe that naturally formed generator crystals are more powerful, though this is really a matter of opinion. Generator crystals are believed to amplify the properties of the crystal and direct energy upward to the universe. Generators are a very good stone to place on an altar, or at the centre of a crystal grid. Generators are also a good shape to place in the corners of a room to influence the energy of the space. 

Crystal points are typically naturally occurring shapes. A crystal point can have any number of sides and be any size or length. A point could be pointed at one end, or both (double-terminated). Crystal points are best for directing energy in a desired direction by holding them like a wand. 

Obelisk are also standing point shapes with four sides that meet at a centre point. An obelisk will also have a square base for standing. Great for releasing and distributing built up energy. The obelisk shape originated in Ancient Egypt, and was used as a marker for accomplishments, and to honour the gods or the sun. In Ancient Egypt, obelisks were erected in pairs, symbolizing the importance of balance. In modern times, obelisks have been used as markers of importance. This shape also has a strong, stable upward energy, and so would be a great choice to place on top of a written affirmation or desire. 

Hand or Machine carved points, generators & obelisks made from Crystals, ethically sourced from around the World.