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Crystal Candle - Resolution 350g

Crystal Candle - Resolution 350g

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Nrglife has decorated this soy scented candle with intention using crystals to allow yourself to face whatever it is weighing on you and look for resolution.

The Crystals used in the making of this candle are Pink Tourmaline and Clear Quartz, together in harmony with a sprinkle of fairy dust!

Made with love and hand-poured with intention, this crystal candle has been made with 'Exotic Bouquet' scent and the soy wax has been dyed to match.

This crystal candle comes with:

  1. Crystal meaning card(s).
  2. Positive Thoughts - Affirmation/Manifestation Card.
  3. Packaged in a box.

    Manifestation happens when you combine strong intentions (feelings and beliefs) with sufficient action to make a desired outcome real.” 

    Australian Made Candles / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged

    Net Weight:  350g / Size: 8cmH x 11cmD / Gloss White Glass / 50+ hours burn time

    Crystal Characteristics

    Pink Tourmaline - Tumble

    Quartz naturally amplifies any stone placed near it, so we regularly recommend Pink Tourmaline to anyone suffering from heavy emotional pain weighing on the heart. For people who have recently gone through a tragedy, heartbreak, loss of a loved one, or simply can't kick that daily funk, Pink Tourmaline is the stone for you.

    Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love. It helps calm ones emotions in times of distress, and is the perfect stone to carry if you suffer from daily bouts of anxiety. This stone is such a strong healing stone due to it commonly being formed within Quartz masses.

    Clear Quartz - Chips

    It is clear energy that acts as an amplifier of the vibrations that are put into it, making it an excellent manifestation tool and great paired with Pink Tourmaline.

    Use this crystal after the candle has finished - try meditating with a piece over your heart and allow the crystals healing energies to directly absorb into your heart space.


    Our Glass Candle Jars come packaged in a box for sale transporting, or present giving.

    Our Tins come wrapped in tissue paper.

    Our 'One of a Kind' Crystal Candles come wrapped in bubble wrap besides a box, as these are more delicate in nature.

    We use environmentally friendly shipping materials.

    When does it ship?

    All candles are shipped the next business day, or at the very latest within 48 hours, unless it's a special order!

    We use Sendle Couriers 3-10 days.


    Our gorgeous range of glassware has thick side walls and has been heat tested to ensure the highest quality of glassware.


    Nrglife Soy Scented Candles are made using the finest soy wax blend, formulated for our harsh hot summers.

    It is biodegradable and vegan friendly soy blended wax formaldehyde free and natural.


    Our wicks are chosen to help achieve an even burn across the surface of the wax area. This means your less likely to see tunnelling and wasted wax. Our wicks are cotton -zinc and lead free!

    Fragrance Scent

    Our fragrance scents are world class, pure and intensely fragrant.

    The scent characteristics of this candle can be viewed in our photo carousel, scroll right until you find it.

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