Collection: Melts

Enjoy the amazing fragrance that is ‘Nrglife'.

Why use Soy Melts?

This option is an effective and economical way to infuse a space with fragrance quickly. Soy Melts typically provide a more potent aroma than candles due to the lack of heat/flame to dissipate the scent, and are free of competing aromas such as the burning of the wick.

  • Easy to use and cost efficient, and is perfect for both electric and flame style burners/warmers.
  • The clam shell has two distinct large rounds. Simply push out the round from the pack and place it on top of your oil burner! Enjoy the aroma wafting through air. Once there is no longer fragrance lingering, allow the wax to cool and remove the wax.


Our Clams Melts are available in all scents.

Made from our very own soy wax blend.

Wax Melts infused with crystal chips, botanicals and fragrance