Collection: Oasis

The oblong oasis collection is undeniably one of the most stunning designer label candle collections that's currently in vogue. If you have a penchant for styling and take pride in your home, this collection is a perfect fit for you. With their unique designer styling, these candles showcase your impeccable taste and elevate the ambiance of any space. Indulge yourself in the beauty of these candles and let them become a statement piece in your home décor. Whether you're looking for an exquisite gift or a special addition to your own collection, the beauties in this collection will surpass your expectations.

Made in subtle coloured oblong planters, with pure soy wax, adorable decorations, exquisite scents and wooden crackle wicks.

Hand Poured / 900g Soy Wax / Wooden Wicks / Coloured Oblong Planter/ Made in Ningi, Australia

This is a very large collection, in an oblong bowl decorated in either crystals or shells or both. They have wood wicks and look exquisite.