Black Raspberry Fragrance Profile Picture.

Black Raspberry

A remarkably beautiful blend of matured berries, musk, and vanilla infused with the essence of fully ripened vineyards.

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Citrine Sky

Experience the perfect blend of tart citrus and red berries, coupled with a fresh, ozone-sky top note. The middle note features a soft, fluffy combination of Jasmine, Violet, and Pear Blossom, while the base is sweetened with a touch of creamy coconut and vanilla.

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Coconut Lime Fragrance Profile Picture.

Coconut Lime

A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandalwood round out the blend. Lime oil has a refreshing, uplifting and invigorating scent. It is known to help clear the mind and promote and sense of clarity and mental well-being.

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Cucumber Melon Fragrance Profile Picture.

Cucumber Melon

A real fresh fragrance of cucumber and melon with a little light musk and light wood notes supported by fresh green mid notes.

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Dragons Blood Fragrance Profile Picture.

Dragons Blood

This mysterious, haunting, and alluring blend is extremely sophisticated and complex. With warming notes of amber, incense and a touch of patchouli, our Dragons blood layers its scents to create a warm and alluring sought after fragrance.

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French Pear Fragrance Profile Picture.

French Pear

Reminiscent of France and a caramelised desert with brandied sweet pears, hints of cinnamon, cloves and whipped vanilla cream!

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Golden Pineapple Fragrance Profile Picture.

Golden Pineapple

Brilliant notes of juicy tropical pineapple splashed over blushed guava fruit, tangy papaya and effervescent mandarin sweetened with creamy vanilla and a dash of sparkling sugar.

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Guava Splash Fragrance Profile Picture.

Guava Splash

A delicious exotic fruit blend of dragonfruit, guava and passionfruit warmed by a perfect blend of spicy notes of chipotle spice, musk and amber. This is one fragrance to truly remember.

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Lychee & Black Tea Fragrance Profile Picture.

Lychee & Black Tea

The delicate aroma of black tea complimented by the sweet, tart contrast of the exotic lychee fruit makes this fragrance a bold and uplifting scent.

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Monkey Farts Fragrance Profile Picture.

Monkey Farts (Gone Troppo)

A bestseller, this unique candle fragrance oil is a complex citrus blend that starts with a subtle base of vanilla, then layered with fresh kiwi fruit, mango and bubble gum, finished off with top notes of grapefruit, banana and fresh strawberries.

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Pina Colada

Pineapple and Coconut are blended together with light notes of vanilla bean, light musk, and mandarin.

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Pink Kiss Fragrance Profile Picture showing a bulldog with a pink tongue licking his chops.

Pink Kiss

A sensory extravaganza, this scent showcases succulent passionfruit and guava undertones, complemented by the sweet complexity of pink grapefruit to create an irresistible and alluring blend

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Pink Sugar Fragrance Profile Picture.

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a fragrance that embodies joy, sweetness, and playfulness. Its delightful combination of sparkling grape, strawberry, sugar, vanilla, raspberry, light musk, and other notes creates a whimsical and enchanting aroma that is truly irresistible. Embrace the magic of Pink Sugar and let its delightful scent transport you to a world of delightful treats and carefree moments.

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Ruby Citrus Fragrance Profile Picture

Ruby Citrus

A juicy, slightly fizzy fruity mélange, tangerine, and mandarin are supported with pineapple, lemon, red berries, and a touch of violet leaf at the top. While clove and cinnamon in the middle give a slightly familiar note, the base notes of caramel and vanilla add a delicious sweet ending to the fragrance.

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Experience the perfect blend of fruit and flowers in this black currant fragrance. A delightful mix of fruity and floral notes have been expertly combined to create a captivating black currant fragrance.

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Summer Splice

A playful rendition of the classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh pineapple and orange with tart cranberries. Notes of vodka and peach schnapps give this fragrance it's true to life scent.

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Thai Lime & Mango

A very-sweet, gorgeous mango fragrance with hints of lime and citrus.

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The Samba Fragrance Profile Picture.

The Samba

This festive mix is based on the popular drink. Reminiscent of the tropics this gorgeous scent blends sweet fruit notes of mandarin, peach, apricot, and cranberry.

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