How to Recycle your Candle Containers and Jars

I am a great believer in recycling and upcycling.

At this point, think to yourself is the vessel good enough for me to get a refill?

If so, contact me and give me your ideas, your favourite scent(s) and favourite coloured wax and let me work my magic. The only hard part after that is to co-ordinate how we get the used vessels and come up with a mutually convenient way to get them back to you. We have many available options.

If not, what I want to do is encourage every customer to re-use them around your home by removing residue wax from their glass or ceramic containers.

I have seem some great ways these can be re-used around the home i.e.; small plants, cotton tips, cotton buds, candy jars, make-up brush holder, pen holder; just to name a few.

To help you get the residue wax out of your container, simply pour really hot water into the vessel and leave sit, the wax may float to the surface or you may have to get a scraper to help it along the way. I would suggest that you use a scraper that you may already use on surfaces like Teflon, to avoid scratching any colour coatings.

Pop up the Wick Tab at bottom with a skewer, using a jiggle movement and then wash in warm soapy water.

Rub label at front with cloth. If some label still remains, once you have washed and dried the vessel, simply get a clean cloth and some eucalyptus oil and rub over area, this works a treat every time!

Get creative and reduce, reuse and recycle your homewares.