How to infuse Crystals in Candles

Have you ever wondered how to put Crystals in Candles.

Well look no further, as I work with this medium all the time, with a little know how, experience and enthusiasm, you will be perfecting this in no time.

Get your crystals together and work out a design on your preparation table and have it ready to go.

Pour your candle with a wick and let it set.

Once your candle is set, grab a heat gun or your trusty hair dryer and put it on medium heat mode and slowly wave the device over the candle until you have approximately 3mm of melted wax sitting on the top.

Do not have wave it too fast as the wax will splash over and make a mess!

Now you have to move quickly and place your crystals with the design that you have pre-prepared on top of the candle. To assist you may you a Wick Dipper, to help slide them into place.

Click here to see see before and after effects.

A Wick Dipper has dual purposes and if you are wanting to know more about this useful candle making tool click here.

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