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Mystery Melts 6 for $30

Mystery Melts 6 for $30

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Nrglife soy wax melts are infused with crystal chips, organics and beautiful fragrances hand poured in small batches. We choose each fragrance to ensure long lasting, high quality scent throw. 

Why use Soy Melts?

This option is an effective and economical way to infuse a space with fragrance quickly. Soy Melts typically provide a more potent aroma than candles due to the lack of heat/flame to dissipate the scent, and are free of competing aromas such as the burning of the wick.

What is in the Mystery Bundle?

This Mystery Melt Bundle includes 5 Melts. You pick the scent category and we hand select from that category. We are also giving away a FREE Rose Quartz polished Crystal, which represents love, kindness and femininity, with every Mystery Melt Bundle sold. So, there is even more reason to jump on this great deal today.

Wax Melts are an excellent flame free alternative to scented candles, when placed in a Tealight Burner or 240V Plug in Wax Warmer. They are a great way to quickly fill a room with scent and we find wax melts work faster than candles to disperse their scent. 

Such an affordable way to make a room smell fresh and inviting.

Our soy melts are usually stronger than candles as they don't have direct/heat flame to slightly burn off the scent and are not competing with other smells like wick burning.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax clean burn / dye-free /crystals / natural organics

Measurements: 15cmL x 7.5cmW (2 pack of large rounds)


Clear Round Shell Moulds.

Packed in a box lined with tissue paper.

We use environmentally friendly shipping materials.

When does it ship?

All Wax Melts are shipped the next business day, or at the very latest within 48 hours, unless it's a special order!

We use Sendle Couriers 3-10 days.


Nrglife Wax Melts are made using the finest soy wax blend, formulated for our harsh hot summers.

It is biodegradable, vegan friendly, soy blended wax - formaldehyde free and natural.

Fragrance Scent

Our fragrance scents are world class, pure and intensely fragrant.

Sold in categories, the scent characteristics of each bundle are very fragrant and world class!

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