Mood Lighting for the New Age

I created a range of decorated Selenite Crystal Lamps, as I love walking into a space in my home and having a feeling of comfort and peace.

I wanted to re-create this mood and give my clients an opportunity to feel the same. So, let me help you create a warm, inviting and harmonious space with warm ambient light.

I have always felt, mood lights are essential to setting the right ambience and it does not matter if you live in a mansion or a shack, any environment can be transformed to be more inviting!

It's always great at night time, or before you go to bed to create a cosy amber light, providing a one-bulb lighting solution, to ensure a good night's rest away from blue light and/or our screens.

I chose Selenite as the base, as it has some great properties when placed in spaces around the home and will give additional benefits, as it is one of the most powerful crystals in the World.

Selenite is known for it's great cleansing and re-charging ability and I highly recommend it for 

  • your energy
  • your home
  • other crystals
  • your belongings

From a healing perspective, it has the capacity to calm the mind, to bring the soul to peace, and to bring clarity to those who need it.

I chose to decorate the Selenite Lamps with a fresh new look of hydrated flowers, keeping with the current vibe - unconventional and artistic.

I hope that you will love them just as much as I have enjoyed making them!