How we calculate candle burn time

When it comes to maximizing the life of your candle, proper burn time is key. Be sure to follow Our Candle Care Instructions.

Limited Burn each Time

We recommend limiting burn time to no more than four hours at a time to ensure an optimal burn and prevent wasted wax. We pride ourselves on no waste candle wax, ensuring you get to burn every bit of wax. Exceeding this recommended time frame can decrease the overall burn time of your candle and potentially compromise the integrity of the vessel from overheating. You run the risk of your glass or ceramic vessel cracking, if it overheats, which will make a mess of the surface you place it on and risk causing damage and fire.

This is not just with our candles but is an industry standard for soy wax candles.

Calculate how many days/burn

Using a 250g Jar Candle which we recommend burns for approximately 38 hours, using a batch test method, you can calculate how many days or burns it will last. See the following examples.

  1. If you burn your candle for three (3) hours each day, it should last approximately 12.6 days/burns.
  2. If you burn your candle for four hours (4) each day, it should last approximately 9.5 days/burns.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy your candle longer and more efficiently, making the most of its beautiful scent and ambiance.

Batch testing for individual candle burn time

Batch testing is a crucial process in ensuring the quality and performance of soy candles. During batch testing, we conduct burn tests on multiple candles from the same batch to determine the average burn time. This involves burning the candles under controlled conditions and measuring how long it takes for them to burn completely. This is done by calculating the initial "first burn", where we create a memory in the candle, to prevent tunnelling, and then subsequent burns at four hour intervals. By calculating the average burn time across all tested candles, we can provide accurate estimates of burn hours for our customers. This information is essential for customers to plan and maximize the use of their candles effectively. Additionally, batch testing allows us to identify any potential issues or inconsistencies in the manufacturing process and make adjustments as needed to maintain high standards of quality and safety. By investing time and resources in batch testing, we ensure that every soy candle we produce meets our strict criteria for performance and customer satisfaction.

I truly hope this information helps you understand the process and instructions of a candle care label. Keep in mind most novice or hobby candle makers will not do batch testing and will guess or estimate the recommended burn time.