Fragrance Bead Diffuser for Bad Odour

I am so excited to be celebrating this great product as I know my customers will be able to use them for so many applications.

They are a fragrant bead that are super absorbent and I have infused them with great fragrant scents and have dyed them different colours to make a perfect air freshener. The beads are placed into a jar with a metal lid with fragrant holes in the top. 

These will last anywhere from 3-6 months, just give them a shake every now and again. Don't forget to cover those wholes up first before you shake, otherwise you will have beads everywhere.

Let our Fragrance Bead Jars control the odour in your environment, whether that be to clear damp/musty smells, freshly painted areas, smelly shoes or socks, car odour, body odours, cooking odour, pet odour, your locked up caravan or your motor vehicle and much more.

On arrival at your doorstep all you have to do is remove the white round seal on the inside of the lid.