Best Crystal Candles in Australia

Being the creator of three collections of crystal healing candles, made with intention, I wanted to give the receiver some emotional and spiritual benefit that goes beyond just an ordinary soy candle will offer. I want to give back all the joy, power and embodiment and intention with these great collections.
My idea was to excite you by using the right sense of smell, using the value of your sight by our creative pleasing appearance and the earth benefit of healing, intuition and evolution of what the crystals can actually accomplish and transform your life to.
Have you ever been asked what's your life's purpose and you have stumbled or taken a while to ponder on what that might look like for you?
It is clear to me that this one of my life's soul generators and feeds my creative goddess. Helping others, by giving joy and benefits in any form makes me truly happy.
This range was not created to follow a trend, blend in with the pack or for commercial reasons. It genuinely comes right from my heart.
The three collection on offer are:-
1. 9 different Medium Crystal Candles with Crystal Chips.
Medium Crystal Candle called Love
2. 9 different Large Crystal Candles with Raw or Tumbles Crystals and Chips.
3. Many One of a Kind Crystal Candles - elaborate with many forms of Crystals and  unique designs, vessels and styles.
If you would like a special candle made, please Contact Me and I would be happy to listen to what you want and come up with a beneficial candle you will love and adore.
Love and Light, Raquel Candle Artist