Luxury scented candles in Australia

I believe you have to have passion for what you do and enjoy doing it and if it brings you joy and not just a meal ticket then that shines through your product to the consumer.

This is what client's of NrgLife' Products, have come to love since they are Candle Artists and not just makers.

The candles look good with heavy based high quality vessels that smell good, have more heat-throw than the candles you see in the shops daily, which is extremely important!


Value for money of course!

If you walk past a candle and can smell it and it's inviting and you don't have to bend over to try and get a semblance of the scent it's burning, then it's worth buying online with

One of the great features of our Collections are most of the vessels can be upcycled for another purpose after last burn.

We have three Luxury brand Collections and there is bound to be one or two or three which will sing to you. 

  1. Renaissance
  2. Boutique

Using only soy based wax ensures a beautiful non-toxic environment for your loved ones. We encourage you to trim your cotton wick(s) before use, to stop the higher flame from burning your candle down quicker than is necessary, as we want you to savour your candle and enjoy it for longer, getting the maximum bang for your buck.

If you have a specific request regarding any of our range, we welcome you to contact us. All relevant contact information is on our website and socials.

We do issue Newsletter emails approximately once a fortnight. We would love to give you the royal treatment, by giving you great discounts, the inside info on new releases, specials and click here.

If you do sign up with us we promise not to bombard you daily, like most annoying behaviours of online businesses we unsubscribe to once we have been caught out, but don't let that stop you from genuine information and true discounts which you will appreciate once you too become a customer of Nrglife Products.

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