Best Sea and Sand Candles in Australia

My love for all things beachy, good vibes and summer fun has lead to me making a collection of shell candles with a wide and varied use of different scents to create your perfect moment.

This range of candles is direct result of my, creative juices flowing from my dreamtime or meditative state.

These Candles feature beachy and fruity scents which will take you to memories of happiness from your favourite holiday or best day out!

My home based business is only minutes away from a very popular Island off the Coast of North Brisbane which is a popular holiday destination. Some of our favourite "down-time" activities include camping, boating, swimming and body surfing!

I have perfected each candle, over time by including coloured wax islands, crystals, pearls to go along with some pretty unique shells.

I am so proud that we are leaders in candle design, that we do not follow the pack. Although we do get frustrated from time to time as newbie candle makers come along and try to imitate our exclusive designs and call it their own. This makes me frustrated, but the only way to combat it, is to stay ahead of the pack, keep focused with clear tunnel vision, not get distracted and stay focused on "my own lane/style", of candle making, for which I am extremely proud of.

We often get asked are the shell candles safe and the answer would be Yes.

The first things we did when we came up with this design is obviously do batch testing, but also check to see what the shells would do once our special formula of soy wax blend burns down.

What we discovered is that the shells sink when the candle is lit and burned over a period of time, thus making them safe. We find that shells have a hard core and do not catch light and this makes our Insurance Company happy that we meet their requirements!

If you love the look of the shells on top of the candle and don't want to disturb the creative look, then simply before the wax re-sets after use is to grab a toothpick and scoot them to the outer edges. Well that's what I do anyway!

If you have a Hamptons Style Home or a Beachy Bungalow and love white interiors whilst co-ordinating pops of colour, then this in-style candle will make your room transcend into a great escape, and be the envy of friends and family when they come to visit, as they make great talking pieces.

Well that's all for me today, if this style of candle interests you and you want to have a cheeky peek then click here.

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