Best Scented Candles in Australia

Many of us value quality, purity, and closeness to nature when it comes to our food and even our clothing. We want our choices to reflect what we value. Nrglife's fragrances offer an aesthetic that’s opulent, lush, and satisfying in ways that only the finest natural aromatics can offer.

If you are after a great long lasting candle, made from our own blend of soy wax mixed with a quality scent, tested for the hottest of climates, hand-poured into tested and certified glassware with zinc and lead free wicks, then look no further then what's on offer at Nrglife Products.

Our scents fall into two distinct categories summer and fall. 

Then all those scents can be broken down further into sub-categories and some of these cross-over as well.

The scents can be found on the carousel photo frame of each candle - you just have to scroll right.

We love receiving feed-back once you have had an opportunity to experience what are candles are like once lit.

Don't forget we now have candles samples in each scent category together with individually. These have been made using maxi-lights, so if you are not sure what to purchase in a larger candle, this may very well be a way for your to decide what to get with your next purchase.

If you do not see a fragrance in a vessel that we offer in one of our collections, please do not hesitate to contact me direct, as I will always make it happen, if I have the stock.

Love and Light Raquel, Candle Artist               

Raquel Mace, Candle Artist
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