Air Plants are so low maintenance

I have always loved air plants and have bought a few over the years. I love them because there is no messy soil, or repotting required when they get bigger. They require minimum effort to keep them thriving. All you have to ensure is that they have adequate light and water. They are great for placement on your desk at work, or for home décor. The Air Plants in the Nrglife range are called Tillandsia Aeranthos.

They are best positioned it in a spot where it can receive light from a south or north facing window with a light curtain.

Place your plant even closer to the window during winter to receive the maximum possible amount of light.

If you keep your Air Plant in complete shade, it will weaken and ultimately wither, so be mindful of it's placement.

I have personally eco-logically grown each plant over the last several years, and mine are hardy as generally my breeders only get water from the elements and sunlight during the day as they're hung from an outside tree.

They are mature and will grow what we call pups, and once these pups are a third of the size of the main plant, they may be gently removed and you will have even more plants. It is very satisfying watching them grow after each spray bottle misting, even after a short period of time in their new home.

That is why I have a guarantee my Air Plants will last 30 days, if they are maintained to my directions.

When the leaves concave it on itself, it's definitely time for a good water. You may give them a soak in a bowl of water for 30-60 minutes once a week if this is possible. 

I do go further in depth in my explanation of fertilisation, placement and watering on my products page.

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