Strawberry Delight Tin 180g

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This candle will excite and surprise you! Let's face it we all love the comforts of home when we travel. So why not look at our travel tins to take with you, to get the right ambience that you want. The great thing about our fragrance range, we can transport you to a different region with each scent grouping. Excellent to take camping or even in your luggage. Not recommended for inside a tent!

Our travel tins are also great for outdoor patios, alfresco areas and any outdoor entertainment area. 

Net Weight: 180g.

We are offering the Strawberry Delight Scent with this travel tin, so if you are homesick or out camping it will feel right at home.

Scent Characteristics

Three Colour Tin Choices

Black Tin

Size: 80mm width x 50mm high (without lid)
       Lid; 80mm (centre 70mm)


White Tin

Size: 80mm width x 50mm high (without lid)
       Lid; 80mm (centre 70mm)


Gold Tin

Size: 80mm width x 50mm high (without lid)
       Lid; 80mm (centre 70mm)

Burn Time: 25+ hours approx. We supply an estimate only as environmental conditions and care of soy scented candle need to be considered.

Our travel tins have three (3) small feet on the bottom for extra stability.

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