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Mini 44 Gallon Drum - Men's Fav's 370g

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Scent for Dad

You may not know but most men love candles too, but do we ever think of buying them one which they will really like and appreciate Nnnooooo.

Well now is your chance!

We are offering a candle which suits any person with a Mini 44 Gallon Drum made out of black tin. It holds 370grams of soy wax, it comes with a lid and you have two choices of our most popular scents.

Burn 40+ hours

Fragrance Selection

Inspired by 1 Million

Fresh and sensual blend of notes, with glitter shine of gold and sure to seduce that someone special. This fragrance possesses divine notes of grapefruit, Patchouli, rose, cinnamon, blend of woods and leather.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Patchouli & Rose

Middle Notes: Mint, Cinnamon & Spice

Base Notes: Leather White, Woods & Amber

Amalfi Coast

This Invigorating fragrance has a beautiful smell of the Italian coast of Amalfi, with the fresh citrus, woody, musk, and patchouli notes, this is a great unisex fragrance. You don’t have to go to the Italian coast to have the experience.