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Crystal Candle of Passion Pink Tie-Dye 450g

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A candle of pure passion with a tie-dye twist. Unique as you. Made with Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Clusters and Crystals.

Unblock your chi and feed your body with feelings of love, strength and contentment.

Made with love and hand-poured with intention, this is a 'one of a kind' crystal candle has been made with our Amber & Spice Scent, which everyone loves!

It would also have to be one of the prettiest candles made also.

Net Weight: 450g

Size: 14.5cmW x 5cmH

Burn time: 60+ hours approx. We supply an estimate only as environmental conditions and care of candle need to be considered.

This candle is cocooned in a white bowl with gold edging. We have used four (4) Wicks to ensure a good melt pool. These wicks are all zinc and lead free!

Amber & Spice Scent Characteristics

Red & black current accented by a touch of citrus and warmed with spices, woody amber, and lingering notes of sweet musk.


Nrglife has decorated this soy scented candle with intention using crystal to give nurturing love vibes and bring your chi back into balance.

Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz together with as sprinkle of fairy dust.

All crystals and decorations can be left in the candle tumbler when burning. when the wax melt pool reaches the decorations they sink coating them in wax thus making them safe. If you want to see the decorations on the surface after putting out the candle, simply get a skewer and move the decorations to the edges, before the soy wax hardens.

Crystal Characteristics

Rose Quartz - Natural Raw

Rose quartz is a stone of pure love. It assists in awakening the heart to its purest loving potential allowing one to find love for themselves and others. This awakening of the heart also provides deep feelings of personal fulfilment and contentment. Promotes love, friendship, peace and deep inner healing. It will also ease resentment. This stone’s vibrations cleanse the emotions and the entire auric field, healing the heart of its wounds. It promotes the release of tension and stress, dissolution of anger and resentment, and dispelling of fear and suspicion, providing a rebirth of hope and faith.

Clear Quartz - Clusters and Individual Natural Raw

This Clear Quartz healing crystal amplifies the intention placed on the stone. It  absorbs, releases, & regulates energy, including unblocking energy. It also aides in concentration as it unlocks memory. It is a Master healer & can be used in any condition to bring the body to balance.


Do you know what is great, you can use the bowl and crystals long after the wax has been fully burned out. Just wash them in soapy water!

Keep in mind Clear Quartz needs to be cleansed often, as it can absorb negative vibrations!