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Crystal Candle - New Beginnings

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A candle that has a delicate energy and symbolises clarity, purity and new beginnings. Helps one develop deeper connections.

Made with love and hand-poured with intention, this 'one of a kind' crystal candle has been made with Bird of Paradise scent with blue wax with a pink island effect!

Net Weight: 400g / Size: 9.4cmH x 9cmD / Clear Glass / 45+ hours burn time

We supply an estimate only on burn hours as environmental conditions and care of candle need to be considered.

This candle is cocooned in a clear square tumbler. We have used one Wick which will provide a good melt pool. This wick is zinc and lead free!

This candle comes with:

  1. Crystal meaning card(s).

Birds of Paradise Scent Characteristics

A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, pomegranate, sweet vanilla, and coconut milk with undertones of rose petals and jasmine.

Top notes: Lemon, sugarcane, lemongrass, white lime
Mid notes: Mulberry, white flower, lily of the valley
Base notes: Vanilla, crystal musk, coconut milk


Nrglife has decorated this soy scented candle with intention using crystals to provide clarity, purity and new beginnings.

The Crystals infused in the wax in this candle are Opalite, Angelite and Clear Quartz together with as sprinkle of fairy dust.

All crystals and decorations can be left in the candle tumbler when burning. when the wax melt pool reaches the crystals, they sink coating them in wax thus making them safe. If you want to see the decorations on the surface after putting out the candle, simply get a skewer and move the decorations to the edge before the soy wax hardens.

Crystal Characteristics

All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education. Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.

Angelite - Flat Oval

As you work with this stone repeatedly, you’ll notice your inner vision becoming more vivid. Your dreams will be easier to understand, allowing you to be more in touch with your psychic abilities and how to channel them.

Facilitates telepathic communication with angelic realm, rebirthing stimulates healing and spiritual channelling. Environment protection or body.


It has a soft delicate energy. Enhances one’s connection to the spirit world. Symbolises Clarity Purity & new beginnings. It helps alleviate feelings of depression, hopelessness and anxiety.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is the strongest enhancing stone in the mineral kingdom and helps reignite our true-identity while showing us the path towards enlightenment. It is clear energy acts as an amplifier of the vibrations that are put into it, making it an excellent manifestation tool.


Do you know what is great, you can use the glass tumbler for bathroom supplies and odds and ends and the crystals long after the wax has been fully burned out. Just wash them in soapy water!


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