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Crystal Candle - Nature Grounding 550g

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Get in tune with nature with our hand-poured with intention, 'one of a kind' crystal candle has been made with our designer fragrance inspired by Flowerbomb 'Meadow'.

Australian Made Candles / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged

550g Net Soy Blend Wax / Pink Tumbler / Burn 55H+ / Size 12.2cmH x 10cmD

This candle is cocooned in a XL pretty pink tumbler. We have used two (2) Cotton Wicks to ensure a good melt pool. Our wicks are chosen to help achieve an even burn across the surface of the wax area. This means your less likely to see tunnelling and wasted wax. Our wicks are zinc and lead free!


Nrglife has decorated this soy scented candle with intention using crystal to help releases rigid beliefs, that may be holding you back.

Green Calcite and Clear Quartz Crystals together with as sprinkle of fairy dust.

All crystals and decorations can be left in the candle tumbler when burning. when the wax melt pool reaches the decorations they sink coating them in wax thus making them safe. If you want to see the decorations on the surface after putting out the candle, simply get a skewer and move the decorations to the edges, before the soy wax hardens.

Crystal Characteristics

Green Calcite - Natural Raw & Points

A powerful healer of the heart Chakra. It relieves negative emotions and nurtures positive emotions and traits such as love and forgiveness. Helps release rigid beliefs and tension in your muscles. It is a grounding stone, so it can help with getting in tune with nature.

Clear Quartz - Clusters. Points & Chips

This Clear Quartz healing crystal amplifies the intention placed on the stone. It absorbs, releases, & regulates energy, including unblocking energy. It also aides in concentration as it unlocks memory. It is a Master healer & can be used in any condition to bring the body to balance.

Life is too short to live without the Window, so be happy, content and satisfied!

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