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Crystal Candle Collection

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You love a beautiful scent, you adore a beautiful glass vessel and you love the calm that crystals bring to you and your world.

This gives you the opportunity to experience all we have to offer, so when the need arises you have the candle that you need on hand. You might even want to part with one to give a friend or family member in need. No matter what the circumstances this is a great opportunity to grab the collection at a discounted rate if you were to purchase them independently.

Normal price is $223.60. This collection is already discounted and therefore further discounts cannot be applied at checkout to this already discounted purchase.

What you get in the collection:-

  1. The Crystal Candle - Bliss / Moonstone Crystals / French Lavender scent
  2. The Crystal Candle - Change / Botswana Agate & Bloodstone Crystals / Comfort Linen
  3. The Crystal Candle - Creativity / Carnelian / Dragons Blood 
  4. The Crystal Candle - Focus / Tigers Eye Crystals / Amber & Spice
  5. The Crystal Candle Growth / Botswana Agate & Blue Apatite / Sage & Clove
  6. The Crystal Candle - Love & Communication / Rose Quartz & Aquamarine / Sandalwood Vanilla (simply sensuality)
  7. The Crystal Candle - Peace & Calm / Amethyst Crystals / Amber Sandalwood
  8. The Crystal Candle - Protect / Clear Quartz & Black Obsidian / Comfort Linen (fresh scent)

Australian Made Candles / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged

Standard 180g / Burn 25H+ / Size 8.65cmH x 7.49cmD

This crystal candle collection is available in white or black. If you want any variations to this, we can alter individual colours, but you will need to put this request in the notes section at checkout and your wishes will come true!

Each crystal candle comes with:

  1. Free Shipping.
  2. Gold metallic slip over lids.
  3. Crystal meaning cards.
  4. Positive Thoughts - Affirmation Cards.

Our wicks are chosen to help achieve an even burn across the surface of the wax area. This means your less likely to see tunnelling and wasted wax. Our wicks are zinc and lead free!

Our gorgeous range of glassware has thick side walls and has been heat tested to ensure the highest quality of glassware.

Burn time: 18+ hours approx. We supply an estimate only as environmental conditions and care of crystal candle need to be considered.

For safe transporting or in case you are purchasing the item for a present, each soy scented candle is packaged in a matching box.