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Crystal Candle - Affection & Devotion

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Made with love and hand-poured with intention, this is a 'one of a kind' crystal candle has been made with our Exotic Bouquet from our Floral Scent range.

Let us take you on a journey, native to the tropical areas of the world where the sun reaches a point directly overhead at least once during the solar year. Our Exotic Bouquet Scent is aptly named after tropical flowers that are sometimes called exotic flowers because of their association with alluring, lush locations that are warm and moody all year-round.

Exotic Bouquet Scent Characteristic 

A very exotic rich and complex fragrance. Beautifully blended rich, full blooded notes give this fragrance a very interesting tone.

Top Notes: Peach, Apple, Citrus Greens.

Mid Notes: Orchid, Orange Flower, Peony Petals, Rose, Lily, Violet, Jasmine.

Bottom Notes: Heliotrope, Woody, Powdery Musk


Nrglife has decorated this soy scented candle with intention using crystal to provide Affection & Devotion to your life.

Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Angel Aura Crystals together with as sprinkle of fairy dust.

All crystals and decorations can be left in the candle tumbler when burning. when the wax melt pool reaches the decorations they sink coating them in wax thus making them safe. If you want to see the decorations on the surface after putting out the candle, simply get a skewer and move the decorations to the edges, before the soy wax hardens.

Crystal Characteristics

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz carries a feminine energy that encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and healing which brings forth feelings of nourishment and comfort, affection and devotion. This stone’s vibrations cleanse the emotions and the entire auric field, healing the heart of its wounds. It promotes the release of tension and stress, dissolution of anger and resentment, and dispelling of fear and suspicion, providing a rebirth of hope and faith.

Angel Aura Points (Quartz)

Angel Aura Quartz is known as the Crystal of New Horizons and Divine Connection. It can be used for purifying and balancing all the chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension, and creating a deep state of meditative awareness grounding the information received from the cosmic realm into the physical body.


It is a powerful tool to clear negative energy and drive away the hazards of everyday life. It's a protective crystal which calms the mind and spirit and helps with getting a better night sleep.

Australian Made Candles / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged

350g Net Soy Blend Wax / Burn 50H+ / Size 6cmH x 12cmD

This candle is cocooned in a beige bowl with gold edging. We have used three (3) Cotton Wicks to ensure a good melt pool. These wicks are all zinc and lead free!

Our wicks are chosen to help achieve an even burn across the surface of the wax area. This means your less likely to see tunnelling and wasted wax. Our wicks are zinc and lead free!


Do you know what is great, you can use the bowl and crystals long after the wax has been fully burned out. Just wash them in soapy water!