Clean & Woody Scented Melts Box/6 Clam Shell

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Nrglife' soy wax melts are perfected for use with a wax melt burner or warmer.

Beautiful, hand poured, soy wax melts come in a great range of Wood Scents. 

Connect to the healing energy of nature and Mother Earth. Pleasant fung shei balanced blends.

Popular scents for those who also like a fresh smelling house after you clean.

Total Net Weight: 75g


Click here if you would like a full description of our range of quality fragrant scents we offer with this Melt.

Pack of 6 cubes, each cube lasting approximately 10 hours.

Simply break a cube or 2 from the pack and place it on top of your oil burner. They are a clever and easy-to-use alternative to oils. No need to add water. Soy wax does not evaporate so once there is no longer fragrance lingering allow the wax to cool then remove the used wax.

Made from environmentally sustainable soy wax.

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