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Angel Aura Rose Quartz Crystal Generator

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Angel Aura Quartz is an extremely high vibrational stone that’s energies can be felt to the touch, no matter the sensitivity of a person.

Use this Angel Aura Rose Generator to provide enough energy to fill your environment with endless rays of joy, happiness, and uplifting energy, so put it in a prominent position where it can have the most benefit.

Meditate with Angel Aura Quartz to increase your daily energy!

Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect stone to help when one may feel emotionally unstable or distressed. The energies that radiate from this stone provide a protective shield around ones aura that helps provide inner peace, mental clarity, heightened intellect, and pure serenity. This stone is here to provide these energies on the worst of days to get your emotional body in check, while clearing up the mind of the daily mental fog.

We have five to Crystal Generators in this range to choose from and you get the exact Angel Aura Rose Quartz Crystal Generator as per the numbered photographs.

Dimensions and Weight: 

  1. 9cmH x 5.5cmW - 244g
  2. 7cmH x 5cmW x - 270g
  3. 8cmH x 5.5cmW - 330g
  4. 8cmH x 5.3cmW - 334g
  5. 8cmH x 6cmW - 367g

Chakra: Etheric and Crown

Element: Wind

This Generator is also great to use in a crystal grid or circle during meditation, because of it's squat size.

All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education. Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.