Crystals used in the making of Shallow White Earthware 790g – Comfort Linen

Intention calm cleansed & good communication environment!

Angelite is a calming stone that can help alleviate overwhelming emotions. It is known to support you in conquering your fears and in removing the blockages in your life. This stone will be very beneficial if you want to discover your life’s purpose and encourage forgiveness at all levels. Angelite can also be used for feng-shui and placed in your home for balance and harmony, as well as wisdom and knowledge.
The soft blue colors of Angelite are very calming and comforting. They promote an angelic energy that will fill you with profound peace. Angelite is a very high vibrational stone that activates and aligns our throat, third eye, and crown chakras. This stone will help attune oneself to a higher frequency, which helps connect both your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Blue Kyanite shares the passive ability of not needing to be cleansed. This stone does not absorb any negative energies. The easiest way of showing off the powers of this mineral is to simply place our candle embedded with Blue Kyanite by your bedside before you go to sleep. As your physical body falls asleep, your mind is experiencing its own nightly journey. While you're asleep, your mind is constantly trying to decipher and understand the dreams and visionary details you are receiving. These may derive directly from our spirit guides or guardian angels and be a message from the universe. Either way, the meaning of this symbolism is prevalent now more than ever. If you find yourself in a situation of uncertainty, try looking towards your dreams for understanding the answers to all of your problems.

Blue Howlite - This stone is Howlite simply dyed a blue colour. Howlite is a stone of emotional healing that contains vibrations directly resonating with one’s root and crown chakras. This is a unique combination, with Howlite opening up portals of entry on opposite points of the etheric body.
One will initially notice a sense of calm energy overcoming them, easing that unnecessary “weight” off your shoulders and allowing you to stand tall. Not only do your confidence levels begin to rise, but also your inner strength begins to awaken once more. Howlite reminds us of the power we hold and urges one to use, channel, and harness this energy towards individual self-healing. This stone is here to nurture and enlighten one's heavenly body, while showing you the capabilities your soul can offer this planet.

Opalite is subtle yet highly energetic. It is ideal for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians. Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings. It can also help us to be successful in business.
Opalite is for all-round healing. It aids sexual prowess, enhancing sexual experience. Opalite stabilises mood swings and helps in overcoming fatigue.

Blue Obsidian is a great stone for communication and will help people who are shy to speak bravely and will help leaders to connect with others. It helps with mental clarity, calming the chattering mind. It offers protection from negative energy and is good for calming a stomach plagued by anxiety. It can help to heal mental disorder like multiple-personality confusion, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Blue Obsidian is helpful in spiritual pursuits and can aid psychic ability, astral travel and tarot practices.

Zeolite is an excellent crystal to bring into your home to improve the energy in your living environment. It absorbs odors and toxins in your home. Zeolite is known as a Reiki stone that aids with the attunement of energies and enhances the response to healing. This mineral stimulates contact with the spirit-animal world and to allow one to "fly-off on the wings of an eagle" during meditation.
Zeolite may be used to treat goiters, to dispel bloating, eliminate alcohol cravings and to release toxins from the physical body.

Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation attuned to the future, activating psychic abilities and allowing expansion of knowledge. Apatite will stimulate the intellect and brings ideas from the mind down into the earth realm through realizations. This stone allows for a deeper dive and reflection into one’s self, seeking self-insight and inner clarity. Apatite will keep you on a search for “freedom” as it keeps you attuned to always planning what’s next in your life.
Blue Apatite is known to increase the strength and frequency of lucid dreaming. Placing a piece in your pillow case will allow increased visionary states that will strengthen as you become attuned to another realm. Blue Apatite will also aid in astral projection and allow for “vertical vision”, being able to see all levels of consciousness working harmoniously.

Clear Quartz is the strongest enhancing stone in the mineral kingdom and helps reignite our true-identity while showing us the path towards enlightenment. It is clear energy acts as an amplifier of the vibrations that are put into it, making it an excellent manifestation tool.
When using Quartz, it results in an awakening effect that supercharges the chakra system and dispels the malignant energies within.