Chakra Crystals used in the making of Flat Grey Bowl with 'Calm Nights' Scent

Black Tourmaline - Root/Base Chakra.

Black Tourmaline is one of the most popular stones used in spiritual practices. It is most commonly, used for protection and is recommended for anyone exposed to uncomfortable environments. The purification that Black Tourmaline provides is perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety, anger, and unwanted thoughts.

Black Tourmaline blocks electromagnetic waves like the ones caused by cell phones, laptops, televisions, and other electronics. It’s recommended to have Black Tourmaline on or around you while using electronics for extended periods of time. 

Gold Stone - Sacral Chakra.

Known as the 'ambition' stone, is linked with boosting your drive and confidence, the essential mindset for paving the way for all your dreams to come true, regardless of how crazy or wild. . This powerful grounding stone is a must-have for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by toxic emotions and negative thought patterns too. Being grounded also helps restore balance and harmony to the energy center (sacral chakra) that contains your deepest passions

Citrine -Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Chakra.

Citrine is a master of one's creativity center, which houses some of our strongest manifestation of energy. This area has been known to be the key to not only unlocking our personal will but to also unlocking our truest desires. When one is truly looking for a change or a spark of imagination, Citrine’s energy has no bounds.

Green Opal -Heart Chakra.

Is a stone that's all about the heart. This crystal is here to provide nourishing and rejuvenating energies to anyone struggling with emotional heartache. Its a perfect stone for anyone who may have gone through recent trauma or grief, the dissolution of a relationship, or a hurtful disagreement. 

Kyanite - Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Blue Kyanite helps one access their mind while expanding their unique psychic abilities. Your third eye and crown chakra will connect, enabling you to understand knowledge at different frequencies. The easiest way of showing off the powers of this mineral is to simply place a piece this candle on your bedside, before you go to sleep. As your physical body falls asleep, your mind is experiencing its own nightly journey. While you're asleep, your mind is constantly trying to decipher and understand the dreams and visionary details you are receiving. These may derive directly from our spirit guides or guardian angels and be a message from the universe. Either way, the meaning of this symbolism is prevalent now more than ever. If you find yourself in a situation of uncertainty, try looking towards your dreams for understanding the answers to all of your problems.

Amethyst - Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Chakra.

Amethyst is a multidimensional stone that offers a range of energetic uses. Its protective bubble helps one maintain mental clarity and physical energy. 

Amethyst allows our consciousness to connect with energies at a much higher frequency than we would normally each day. Most of these energies are multidimensional and can assist one in raising their own personal intuitive levels. This is vital for anyone looking to release the daily weight and stress that we place on ourselves. In the moment, one is simply looking for comfort rather than evolving (especially on a spiritual level). With Amethyst's energies, one's intuition awakens and moves to the forefront of your mind. In the moment, we may not know what exactly is right for us, but that feeling within (and that thought that cannot be shaken) is always our consciousness making the right decision.

Selenite - Third Eye, Crown, Etheric Chakra’s.

Selenite is pure white light encapsulated in physical form. Selenite slices through the air cleansing and recharging any environment it's placed in. It is one of our favourite stones to help remove negative energies that may have been picked up throughout our daily routines.

Thoughts, ideas and visions become more clear, consciously and subconsciously, while awake and asleep.