Lemongrass & Sage Candle Fragrance

Bergamot & Sage

A wonderful blend of garden herbs and sparkling citrus notes. Hearty lemongrass and fresh, earthy sage combine to complete this uplifting fragrance.

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Green Tea & Lemongrass Fragrance Profile Photograph.

Green Tea & Lemongrass

This refreshing scent combines the sophisticated notes of green tea, lavender and jasmine with clean notes of lemongrass to create a unique fragrance, that is so clean and soothing.

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Grassy shores bursting fresh citrus and fruity accords, with woody undertones, makes this scent one to truly remember.

An infusion of natural essential oils

Lemongrass & Ginger Fragrance Profile Picture.

Lemongrass & Ginger

Experience a delightful blend of grassy notes and a hint of zesty lemon. This scent strikes a perfect balance between sharp and soothing notes, with a touch of floral and sandalwood undertones. Lemongrass essential oil is used to help relieve stress, anxiety and improve general well-being

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Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime

The cool and fresh smell of sweet lemongrass harmonizes with kaffir lime and whispers of bergamot.

Persian Lime Candle Fragrance

Lemongrass & Persian Lime

Experience the delightful, fresh fragrance of lemongrass complemented by tangy lime lemon peel and subtle floral notes.

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Lemon Myrtle Candle Fragrance profile photograph.

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle tantalises with its sweet lemon flavour. It is considered the “Queen” of lemon herbs, combine that with crisp floral tones, makes this a wonderful refreshing scent.

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Lemon Scented Myrtle

Immerse yourself in the enchanting combination of lively lemon, zesty orange peel, and invigorating eucalyptus, expertly harmonized with the delicate floral fragrance of peonies.

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Ruby Citrus Fragrance Profile Picture

Ruby Citrus

A juicy, slightly fizzy fruity mélange, tangerine, and mandarin are supported with pineapple, lemon, red berries, and a touch of violet leaf at the top. While clove and cinnamon in the middle give a slightly familiar note, the base notes of caramel and vanilla add a delicious sweet ending to the fragrance.

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