Best Holiday Candles in Australia

There is now no excuse why you can never go without your favourite scented candle with these sturdy travel tin candles, whilst your on holiday!

So, your wanting to set the ambience, get in the mood whether that is relaxing in the bath or soaking up the last sun rays on the deck over the beach, our collection of scents will keep you inspired.

Here at Nrglife Products, we offer a choice of travel tins which are great for packing in your suitcase, luggage, vehicle, caravan, motor home or camping gear, when you get the yippee moment that your on your way to your favourite destination.

They come in black/white/gold with solid lids or Silver with a clear Perspex window lid.

Some have themed inspired decorations and shells and crystals, whilst other just offer the opulence of luxury fragrances which will inspire you, and evoke warm memories.

Our soy wax blend - 180g tin will burn for 18+ hours and our 300g tin will burn for 30+ hours if you follow our Candle Care Instructions.

There is never a dull moment here and we hope that is the case for you too on your travels!

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