Collection: Diffuser

Nrglife's Diffusers are an eco-solvent sourced from plant magic. It's all about being gentle to the earth and it's all natural. Our high quality fragrances and essential oils, provide great throw performance. Some blends may have a natural fruity or floral colour, but don't be fooled - it only adds to the visual appeal!

Our Reed Diffusers, feature natural Rattan Reeds and/or a Reed Flower.

Coming soon is our boho-inspired Floral Reed Diffuser, these delicate beauties don't get flipped to preserve their floral design.

Our Hanging Diffusers are suitable for hanging in multiple places such as cupboards, wardrobes and bathrooms. These have sold out each time, we have listed them, so if they are available, you will need to be quick on the uptake.

It is best to keep them in a cool spot with good air flow and they'll last 3-4 months, perfect for a small to medium-sized room. For larger spaces, you may want to snag an extra diffuser for maximum vibes. Just remember the fragrance level can be controlled by the number of rattan reeds used and how often they're flipped.