Collection: Cafe Collection

Our Café Collection of Candles is the perfect way to bring the cosy atmosphere of your favourite coffee shop or café into your own home. With scents like freshly brewed coffee, cookies, and rich mocha, you'll feel like you're sitting in your favourite corner café every time you light one of our candles. Made with high-quality, natural soy, boutique fragrances our candles are long-lasting and emit a warm, inviting glow that will transform any living space into a cosy haven. Whether you're looking to relax with a good book or entertain friends and family, our Café Collection of Candles is the perfect addition to any home. So why not indulge in a little bit of luxury and treat yourself to the ultimate coffee shop experience without ever leaving your home?

Fragrance Chart for Amber & Spice    Fragrance Chart for Chocolate Mint Slice    Fragrance Chart for Choc Orange    Fragrance Chart for Caramel Vanilla    Fragrance Chart for Chai Latte    Fragrance Chart for Espresso Martini    Fragrance Chart for Fresh Coffee    Fragrance Chart for Ginger Snap Cookies    Fragrance Chart for Maple Pumpkin Bread    Fragrance Chart for Pick-Me-Up    Fragrance Chart for Salted Caramel    Fragrance Chart for Sugar n Spice    Fragrance Chart for Turkish Mocha    Fragrance Chart for Vanilla Cheesecake

Cafe Collection