Heal Your Heart Crystal Candle

Why I make a range of Crystal Candles?

Being the creator of this range of crystal healing candles, I wanted to give the receiver some emotional and spiritual benefit that goes beyond just an ordinary soy candle. I want to give back all the joy, power and embodiment and intention with this great collection. I want to excite using the right sense of smell, using sight by the pleasing appearance and the earth benefit of healing, intuition and evolution.
This gives me balance for my life's purpose. 
This range was not created to follow a trend, blend in with the pack or for commercial reasons. It genuinely comes right from my heart.
The range at present consists of five standard large tumblers and then I also offer  a Limited Edition range with a few special 'one-of-a-kind' candles made in earth ware bowls.
If you would like a special candle made, please use the Contact Page and I would be happy be oblige.

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